Small Groups

Small groups provide a more casual and intimate place to experience God, practice our gifts, share our lives, and care for each other. If we are going to be the “body of Christ” on earth with effectiveness, we need to get involved in each others' lives. In a healthy body, the various parts are connected to each other! Our Sunday morning service offers a weekly opportunity to gather the whole “family” to worship and study the Bible together. But because there are so many people and the Sunday service is not very interactive, we each also need a small group setting where we can really get to know other people and be known by them.

You might feel a little awkward at first - but it won't take long before you feel connected to one or two people in the group. Small Groups have a casual atmosphere, and you're invited to just be yourself. You can participate in worship, Bible study discussion, and prayer times if you feel comfortable doing so, or you can sit back and wait until you feel more comfortable. You may want to visit more than one group initially to see what fits best.

Small groups meet throughout the week in various locations around Tucson. The typical format is fellowship time, worship, bible study, and prayer. Each small group has a specific focus, so find the one that fits you best.

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Interested in attending a small group? Please feel free to call any of the Small Group leaders or contact the church office.

Brothers Locking Shields
Brothers Locking Shields (BLS) is a men's group that meets Thursday nights from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. What we are about: knowledge of God, knowledge of each other, and knowledge of ourselves, being transparent with God, with each other, and with ourselves, about our trials, blessings, and callings in life.
On the Way
Adult small group that meets Mondays from 7pm-9pm. No childcare is provided. Our meetings generally include worship, fellowship time, and prayer for each other. We also are usually involved in either some type of Bible study or book study. But most importantly, we are family to each other -- we share our joys and sorrows, supporting each other in our life journeys, seeking Jesus together "on the way"!
The Path
This adult small group is open to anyone. We meet on Tuesdays and childcare is provided. Life is full of challenges and finding our way through them takes great effort. However, the path is easier when we have some help! Learn how to practice life in the Spirit in God's Kingdom, here and now.
Recovery Bible Study

This group meets Thursday nights at 7pm. We offer anyone who has been affected by addiction - whether their own or a loved one's addiction - a time and place to fellowship with others on the same journey.