What we Believe

Our Mission Statement

“Our passion is to grow in love for God, His People, and His Mission!”

What we believe

God Comes to Us (He Initiates)

Everyone has sinned, and by our sin we are all separated from God and from each other. Therefore, we are slaves to sin, unable to escape by our own efforts and we live lives of spiritual death. Since God loves us desperately and since we cannot rescue ourselves, God sent His Son, Jesus, to save us. We are saved by Jesus, by grace (undeserved love), through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.

We Respond

We receive the gift of eternal life now, through faith in Jesus Christ, which includes surrendering to His Lordship over all aspects of our life. The model response in the gospels was for Jesus to say, “follow Me” and for the person to drop everything and follow (on Jesus’ terms). Faith is evidenced by daily repentance, by daily forgiving the sins of others, and by daily obedience to God. In other words, being far from perfect, we receive and offer grace daily – we are practicing! When we put our faith in Jesus, we receive eternal life and a new birth into a new family. As a result, we have Christ living in our hearts and are filled with the Holy Spirit, the power and presence of God in the world today! Therefore, over time, we begin to reflect Jesus to others. The “fragrance” of Christ is distinctive; it is full of grace and truth.

We Express Our Faith

We live in the kingdom of God and we represent it with our words and actions, which are marked by grace and truth. Our call is to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, or to put it another way, to live in a two-oxen yoke with Jesus. In that process, we will increasingly live out the great commandments, to love God with all that we are and to love our neighbor as ourselves. This active walk with Jesus is made possible by our inner life and relationship with Jesus. From our inner relationship with Jesus, love grows in us, which is like good fruit for the benefit of others.

Core Values

Christ Has Saved Us So That We Can Be a Family

We are committed to being family at Vineyard City Church. This means loving each other as we are and helping each other grow – in all seasons, good or bad. This is hard, because it requires sacrificial love for each other (mercy, grace, forgiveness, honesty, transparency) – daily!!! As we grow into family our lives become more intertwined and we become more accountable to each other. This means we increasingly share in each other’s joy and pain. We believe that as we grow as a family, we will have a higher and higher percentage of the church involved in small groups, more and more diversity, and more and more service springing out of our “shape” (how God has designed us), rather than out of obligation.

Christ Has Saved Us So That We Can Spread His Kingdom

…to all of the people he brings our way, near and far. We are committed to “doing the stuff”, the stuff that Jesus did, because He’s still doing the stuff today, and He lives in us. Some examples would be: telling people about Jesus, forgiving people, and exercising gifts of the Spirit for healing and deliverance. The result is to “show and tell” the kingdom in word and deed. We will show His love to people near (neighbors, family, friends, workmates etc.) and far, i.e. to whomever He chooses to put on our path. (like the Good Samaritan did). Once again, this is hard because it requires that we exercise compassion with a risk, e.g. reaching out to people (perfect love casts out fear). We at Vineyard City Church believe that God leads us to serve our community, particularly the poor and others in acute need, to share our faith verbally, and to be involved in short term missions. We also believe we will send out long term missionaries and church planters in the future.

Christ Has Saved Us So That We Can Experience God

We are committed to having a personal relationship with God that enables us to be family and to spread His kingdom to others. When we “do the stuff”, we experience God by hearing, obeying and working with Daddy (Abba in the original Aramaic language). That active experience is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath is a secret, inner life with Christ that fuels our active life. Intimacy with God is expressed in public, joyful, expressive worship and prayer. How each person expresses his worship of God will be unique to him or her. Intimacy with God is also experienced individually and privately through a life of daily devotion to God, particularly through prayer and reflecting on scripture. How each person experiences intimacy with God will be unique to that person. This (intimacy with God) will be difficult for us, because it requires that in every situation, we focus our attention more and more on God and less and less on ourselves, and that we make room for Him in our every day living. We believe that God will make us a more joyful and expressive church, corporately and individually.