Blenman Backpacks

Each year, Vineyard City Church has provided 30 fully loaded backpacks for students who are unable to purchase a backpack or the necessary supplies to fill it.  Many of these children are from Tucson’s refugee population.

We are in need of 30 backpacks, as well as 30 of each of the items below:

  • scissors
  • large eraser
  • single subject notebook (spiral)
  • 24-count crayon box
  • 12-count colored pencils
  • ruler
  • 8-count box of markers
  • glue stick
  • pack of lined paper
  • subject folder
  • pack of 10 #2 pencils
  • individual tissue packs
  • small inexpensive dictionary

Any size donation is greatly appreciated!  Please bring your donated items to the church, where you will see a basket in the lobby for collection.  All donated items are needed by August 2, 2015.

If you have questions, please contact Susan Stokes.  Thank you!


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